About us


Steadfast - We love the gospel. We believe God's Holy Spirit is working among us performing miracles, signs and wonders. Our teachings are bible based, with appreciation and understanding of the original Hebrew roots. We pray with power and authority Jesus gave us. 

We are an Assemblies of God (AoG) church and we are committed to the statements of faith found on the AoG website here

Compassionate - We show kindness and mercy to each other in love, serving and loving the poor, the broken, the widows, the fatherless, the rejected, and the outcasts.  


Inclusive - We are a church for all people, if you feel lost, or at the beginning of your journey with Jesus, or if you have been walking with Jesus for decades. It is an authentic and safe place to be genuine without judgement.

Connected - We don't just settle for the minimum, or just look for numbers, but we go the extra mile to connect to our people. Everyone can speak with and have genuine friendship with the leadership. There is no 'them and us'.


Worldwide - We love all nations. We believe in God’s promises for Israel. We love and pray for the persecuted Church across the world.


Family - Church is not a building or a club, it is a family. As a result of our relationships we treat each other like family, with genuine care.

Culture of Honour - We believe in the dignity and value of every individual therefore we cultivate and practice honour with each other.  We will not tolerate bullying.  We respect individual boundaries of all people irrespective of age, culture or ethnicity.

About Geoff & Bo

Geoff and Bo Ace are native born New Zealanders who prove that Kiwi’s can fly!  They began the God adventure of their lives which terrifyingly started with the destruction of their marriage and the reconstruction (by God) of their priorities, marriage and vision for the abundant kind of life that Jesus died to give us.  At heart Geoff and Bo are missionaries who love God and love people.  Their ethos as church leaders is to ‘do family’ and trust that God will build the church from this base of authentic connection, genuine friendship and corporate vision.


A Quote from the Senior Leaders

"We have been blessed with two incredible children and eight equally incredible grandchildren - the perfect motivation, inspiration and focus to build our church with legacy and future generations in mind".

Lea Valley Church 

Monkswood Avenue

Waltham Abbey