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Tim and Hayley took on the senior leadership role in September 2020, transitioning from Geoff and Bo Ace, who remain serving the Church with Tim and Hayley. Tim and Hayley are passionate about seeing people discover Jesus for the first time. They have been involved in Church leadership for many years, Tim having lead a Church in the Midlands and Hayley serving as a worship leader and trustee here at LVC.. 


They are excited to see what God is doing in these last days and absolutely committed and sold out to the call of God, not just on their own life, but also on LVC. They are hugely devoted to the mission of Jesus, to make disciples and preach the gospel as Jesus builds His Church and the Kingdom advances! They have 6 children who love Jesus and love their own Jewish heritage. 

We can't wait to welcome you to LVC soon! We are so excited to be a part of what God is doing in our region, in our nation! We wholeheartedly believe that not only has God NOT finished with the UK yet, but even our best days lie ahead§! We want LVC to be a safe place for you to flourish, find your fit (the call of God on your lives) and serve the purpose of God in our generation. We want LVC to be a safe place to come if you have never been to Church or if you have, to bring your friends and family if they haven/t, We will always share the gospel and be devoted to the mission of Jesus; to make disciples of all nations, as Jesus continues to build HIS Church and as His Kingdom advances! Hopefully we will see you in Church soon! God bless you all

Tim and Hayes 

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