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We meet, physically, every Sunday at 11am.

Our services are also streamed live via our Facebook page

(link at the bottom of this page)

and then saved to our YouTube site if you would like to catch up.

We created this page to help make your Sunday visit smooth, please see our 'what to expect' section for information on Sundays.

We are mindful of access arrangements for wheelchair users and have installed a permanent ramp for easy entrance and exit.  This is located at the main, front entrance. 


 We have dedicated kids zones for children aged 1-4 (Lion Cubz) and  Lion Hearts for Primary school aged children - please see the section below for more information.  


You may even see 'Leo the Lion', our kids mascot, during the service  - give him a wave if he wakes up in time for church!


Lea Valley Church, Monkswood Avenue, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN91LB. Tel 01992 712127. Email:


Start: 11:00am

Running time:


Finish: 12-12:30pm

Coffee afterwards


At Church, or on street (along the Crooked Mile). Parking also at Abbey Gardens and the Co-op. Click the link below for a map


Toilets including disabled and baby changing. Drinks available (after lockdown). Covid precautions 

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what expect
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What to Expect

Visiting anywhere for the first time can be quite daunting, but we aim to make your first visit with LVC as enjoyable and easy as possible. When you arrive and enter through the main entrance at the front of Church, you will be greeted by our welcome team, who will show you to the seating and answer any questions you may have. At 10:55 a 5 min countdown will begin, by which time hopefully all will be sat, leading into worship, which we would describe as lively and contemporary. There may be people lifting their hands, don't be freaked out, this is an act of submission and worship. After this the kids go to their various programmes (see below) and there is a talk on whatever the current series is. Once the sermon talk is finished the kids will rejoin and many people remain in the building grab a coffee and chat. We try our best to be a friendly and caring Church - so you won't be ignored! If you would like someone to meet you at the door for your first visit and to show you around, answer any questions concerning the kids programmes etc, please follow the link below and fill in the form. We cannot wait to meet and welcome you!

lion heartz

Lion Hearts

Not Just the Church of tomorrow - but today too!

We truly believe this! We passionately believe as Jesus said "let the little children come to me for the Kingdom belongs to such as these", that children should not be treated as some kind of second class citizens needed to be kept quiet, while adults have Church! In fact this is a pet peeve of ours! We believe Church is for everyone, all ages and kids are at the forefront of our mind. We want them to encounter Jesus, learn from truth and ENJOY being together at Church. FUN FUN FUN is our guide and our programmes reflect this - fun, yet absolutely devoted to our kids growing in God, getting to know Jesus more and more and loving being together. Why not come along and see for yourself, we have our best leaders devoted to the children!  On your first visit to LVC please accompany your child(red) to the kids zone so we may register your child into the group and take any relevant information (such as allergies, special needs etc...)

Kids with Capes
Happy Kids Huddle

Lion Cubz

Lea Valley Church provides a team, led by a qualified nursery nurse, who run a parent and toddler programme which takes place after the worship section. During this time you can bring your 1-4 year olds and enjoy the facilities which include the usual toys and craft, as well as some group activities and stories etc. In our  Noahs Ark room on account of the Ark we have painted there by a local artist. There is a specially designated toilet and baby change area and additionally we have a large TV relaying the rest of the meeting live so you parents and guardians need not miss the sermon whilst playing with your precious cubs! The room is available throughout the whole time in case you want to take your little one in (supervised) before the worship finishes. Hopefully we will meet your little ones soon!

Baby Playing with Building Blocks
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