Hi Church,


We just wanted give you some new updates following the 'ease up' of the Corona Virus national lockdown.


We believe, now is the time for us to stand together - standing strong as a Church being the light in the darkness that we are called to be. 


Please lets continue to pray for the nation, our government, the NHS and all those who are serving us at this time.


We would strongly encourage our LVC family to observe and follow the guidelines issued by the government with regards physical distancing to help stop the spread of this virus. Lets look out for one another and do our part!


For the church as a whole and LVC specifically we now need to change the way we operate - we are working very hard behind the scenes to try our best to serve you and by extension our community.  Please bear with us as we update our website and media platforms that will enable you to virtually gather and source information.


With all of this in mind - here is an update on how we will specifically continue to be the church in these times of change:


Sunday Services

We will continue to meet as the family of God on Sundays. For the time being this will be online from our homes, starting this Sunday (22nd of March) at 10am. This will be a full service of worship and word - we will be taking communion so please be ready with something you use to participate in this.


To access Sunday church services go to the HOME PAGE and follow the GO button.  You can also search for us on YouTube or Facebook.


If you are unable to watch the services on Sundays, they will be available throughout the following week on Facebook and YouTube.




Lion Hearts

We will have an online kids lessons that families will be able to play with games and activities - links will be made live on youtube at 11:15M every Sunday.


We would love for you to share pictures of the activities your children have done so we can share them online with LVC online community.


Again, if you are unable to watch the services on Sundays, they will be available throughout the following week on YouTube.



SWAG leaders will host an online instagram hangout for our 8-12 kicking off on Thursday 2nd April at 5pm.


Simply follow lea valley church on instagram and log into instagram from 455pm and you will see us go live.


We will have prayer time, a bible story and lesson, question and answer time, well being slot and will attempt to run around and play a game!



Our youth leaders will host an online instagram live hangout for 11 to 18 year olds kicking off next Monday 30th March.


Simply follow our LVC Youth4Jesus instagram page and log in from 455pm and you will see us go live - join us by giving us a wave.  We will have prayer, discussion and question and answer time (we will even try and play some games!).



In this ever-changing environment, communication is key and we want to ensure you’re updated. We will be using social media as well as emails - if you have not yet subscribed to our newsletters please drop us a line at info@lvc.org.uk and we will be sure to add you onto our email list. 


Our website is currently being updated and will be updated regularly as we improve the way we communicate with you so please check it out during the week.


Prayer and support

We want to continue to support you in what could potentially be an unsettling time. You can email in any prayer needs you have as well as support requests through our website or directly to info@lvc.org.uk. Someone will be in touch with you once we receive it.


We will be holding 5 minute prayer times at 12pm and then at 1900hrs for 19minutes every day.  


We will send out regular reminders and specific prayer points during the week. 


A thought for the day…

We are working on a series of videos covering things like marriage, relationship and parenting, Hebrew origins, bible encouragements, meditations and encouragements - we will be releasing these throughout the week by way of supporting you and your families as you spend lots of time together indoors.


We think this is a great time for you to spend TIME as a unit where you can and grow in your relationship with God and each other.


As soon as we are ready to roll these videos all be uploaded and available to watch via our website and YouTube channels.



Although we cannot attend a main gathering together, we are still the family of God and we share the privilege and responsibility of giving into God’s house. For those of you who are not already giving by standing order we have updated our Giving page to make giving as straightforward as possible.

Thank you church for your faith and love for one another. These are extraordinary times but you are an extraordinary church and we have an extraordinary God!


Life Groups

Life groups will continue to run - virtually - via an online platforms such as ZOOM and Facebook messenger.


Please stay connected with your life group through regular contact.  Your life group leader will be contacting you regularly to stay connected.




We are praying for all of you and your families during this time, specifically praying Psalm 91 over everyone.



Much love,

Tim and Hayes x

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